Today I Learned That Your Biggest Challenge Can Become Your Biggest Strength

Today I learned something new about your biggest and toughest challenge, that one challenge that seemed the hardest, the one you have taken and given up on time and time again, because you failed for one reason or another.

Today I learned that for those particular challenges, the biggest ones, when you pause for a moment, breathe, and clear your head, when you give it that one last shot with new eyes and with a special extra love and compassion towards yourself it happens: that same challenge that seemed to look down on you, is now summoned. It is now the thing you can control the best, you took the bull by the horns and now, what was one day your weakness, is now lined up next to your other numerous strengths and skills.

You may never doubt yourself! Abstain from the negative thoughts, the fear, the obstacle may convey. Don’t ever, ever doubt yourself, never think you can achieve something simply by the fact it has represented a struggle for you all your life. I understand the first times you try it can seem hard, and it might be hard! Take hiking as an example, we all know going up the hill is hard, but I promise you, once you overcome the struggle, once you’re at the very peek, it will feel like heaven, and you will love yourself for it, no doubt.

So, yes, after five long years, i have decided to compete again. This time, however, is for different reasons. Back then, I was merely focused on winning and becoming the New Bachata world champion. Today, I am looking to support my team and inspire my students to follow their dreams.

Back in 2013, around August, that Darlin and I decided we would compete together, and the first thing that popped in my head was: “If I’m going to intend winning the competition or if I’m even going to show myself on stage, I need to bring my A-game.”

What I meant by that is that if I wanted to be a champion, I needed to look like one. Back then I was weighting 152 pounds, which is 20 lbs. over my ideal weight. I wanted to feel proud of myself and for my partner to be proud to be dancing with me as well. I didn’t want the judges hesitating on whether or not to lower my score on presentation or to bypass the obvious and focus on how shinny my attire was or how well I might dance only.

At that moment I decided that, even thought it was something I had been struggling with for over five years, this would become the day that I finally gathered up the courage to do whatever it took to conquer my battle with weight. I made up my mind and put hand on, I tried new techniques I hadn’t done so before, and some other ones I had tried but failed at achieving.

Down to the point: by the day of the competition I was 135 pounds, I had lost 15 pounds! And, not only did I win the title for the Bachata World Champion, but I also gained so much knowledge and respect towards myself for having been able to conquer my eating habits once and for all.

Below is the food regimen I followed and that worked so well for me, I hope you can find it useful and that it helps you get started in your life-changing journey:

Breakfast 1: Oatmeal

Snack: 1 fruit + Coffee

Breakfast 2: Two boiled eggs

Lunch: Arugula Chicken salad with hummus

Snack: almonds and cranberries

Dinner: Chicken or salmon and cooked veggies + 1/2 avocado

Before bed: Hot Tea (to get rid of cravings) *** Thus a substitute to the red wine I used to drink before bed.

Fast forward five years later:

As of today, I can proudly say I am no longer overweight, I have managed to turn the tables and mastered a healthy diet for all these years.

[Please don’t hesitate to ask if you need me to help you change your eating habits for good.]

I have come a long way, but I am not quite finished. I definitely want to set myself a new goal: I want to build up muscle on my arms and back for my comeback competition. I will lower my fat index and increase my muscle. I am currently on 138 lbs., that means I could lose a good 5 lbs. or so, my main focus remains losing the fat and gaining the muscle.

What I will do is hit the gym every day for 45 minutes before heading over to my studio and here is the diet I will follow:

Breakfast: 1 slice of wheat bread. + coffee

Breakfast 2: 2 eggs + turkey bacon.

Snack: 1 fruit

Lunch: chicken or fish + vegetables

Snack 2: almonds

Dinner: chicken or fish + vegetables.

Night time: NADA 🙂

Hopefully, I will get my body mass index calculated this week, that way I can track my progress and keep you updated:)

I am positive I will be able to achieve my goal, I am no longer fearing anything, no doubt whatsoever, because this time I know that I have already done it many times before.

I want you to know that if this is something you have been wanting to do but you have tried and failed many, many times, you can always start over again. I want to make it very clear, there is no limit, and you will achieve your goal. I promise you there will come the day when it will be so easy you will even forget you once thought it was hard.

Send me a DM! I’ll help you:)

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Gaby Equiz
A founding General Director of Alma Latina Global, Gaby Equiz is one of the most important women in the Latin dance world.
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